Kid Icarus: Uprising

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IdCard Name sort downsort up sort downsort upEPJ
357Boom RocketItem
358X BombItem
360Medusa HeadItem
361Chomp TrapItem
362Capture CircleItem
363Giant MakerItem
365Smart BombItem
366Jump BombItem
367Boom SpearItem
368Bouncy BombItem
369Eggplant BombItem
370Tempura BombItem
371Lightning of JudgmentItem
372Atlas FootItem
373Poison CloudItem
374Demon VineItem
2PalutenaPalutena's Army
4Power of FlightPalutena's Army
24Three Sacred Treasures CasePalutena's Army
52Pit's BodyPalutena's Army
57Petrified PalutenaPalutena's Army
1PitPalutena's Army
322CenturionPalutena's Army
323Centurion KnightPalutena's Army
324Centurion StrongarmPalutena's Army
325JuggernautPalutena's Army
403Pit (Rally Cry)Palutena's Army
404Palutena (Rare)Palutena's Army
406Pit (Wingless)Palutena's Army
408Pit (Revived)Palutena's Army
410Pit (Injured)Palutena's Army
412Kid Icarus FloatPalutena's Army
411Pit (Victory)Palutena's Army
22Space Pirate CaptainSpace Pirate
267Space PirateSpace Pirate
268Space Pirate SniperSpace Pirate
269Space Pirate CommandoSpace Pirate
376That First TownStage
377Dark Lord Gaol's CastleStage
378That Burning TownStage
379Reaper FortressStage
380Labyrinth of DeceitStage
381Temple RuinsStage
382Seafloor PalaceStage
383Space Pirate ShipStage
384Underworld CastleStage
385Phoenix MountainStage
386Reset Bomb ForestStage
387Reset Bomb DepotStage
388Lunar SanctumStage
389Thunder Cloud TempleStage
390Aurum IslandStage
391Aurum HiveStage
392Aurum Brain FortressStage
393Decimated TownStage
394Destroyed SkyworldStage
395Palutena's TempleStage
396Angel CannonStage
397Lightning Chariot BaseStage
398The Chaos VortexStage
399Rewind SpringStage
400Hades' BellyStage
401Dyntos's WorkshopStage
402Final BattlegroundStage
3Fiend's CauldronUnaffiliated
16Dark PitUnaffiliated
23Galactic Fiend KrakenUnaffiliated
30The Immortal PhoenixUnaffiliated
31Wish SeedUnaffiliated
54Chariot MasterUnaffiliated
60Soul-Eating MonsterUnaffiliated
78Light FighterUnaffiliated
79Dark FighterUnaffiliated
328Rare TreasurefishUnaffiliated
407Dark Pit (Flying)Unaffiliated
409Magnus and GaolUnaffiliated
5Medusa, Queen of the UnderworldUnderworld Army
6Twinbellows the FerociousUnderworld Army
8Dark Lord GaolUnderworld Army
9GaolUnderworld Army
10Three-Headed HewdrawUnderworld Army
11Hewdraw HeadUnderworld Army
12Hewdraw RebornUnderworld Army
13Great ReaperUnderworld Army
14Goddess of Calamity, PandoraUnderworld Army
15Mirror of TruthUnderworld Army
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