Kid Icarus: Uprising

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IdCard Name sort downsort up sort downsort upEPJ
1PitPalutena's Army
2PalutenaPalutena's Army
3Fiend's CauldronUnaffiliated
4Power of FlightPalutena's Army
5Medusa, Queen of the UnderworldUnderworld Army
6Twinbellows the FerociousUnderworld Army
8Dark Lord GaolUnderworld Army
9GaolUnderworld Army
10Three-Headed HewdrawUnderworld Army
11Hewdraw HeadUnderworld Army
12Hewdraw RebornUnderworld Army
13Great ReaperUnderworld Army
14Goddess of Calamity, PandoraUnderworld Army
15Mirror of TruthUnderworld Army
16Dark PitUnaffiliated
18God of Death, ThanatosUnderworld Army
19Thanatos (Transformations 1)Underworld Army
20Thanatos (Transformations 2)Underworld Army
21Underworld KeyUnderworld Army
22Space Pirate CaptainSpace Pirate
23Galactic Fiend KrakenUnaffiliated
24Three Sacred Treasures CasePalutena's Army
25Three Sacred TreasuresWeaponWings
26Underworld GatekeeperUnderworld Army
27Medusa (Battle)Underworld Army
28Medusa (Monster)Underworld Army
29HadesUnderworld Army
30The Immortal PhoenixUnaffiliated
31Wish SeedUnaffiliated
32Reset BombForces of Nature
33ViridiForces of Nature
34CragalancheForces of Nature
35Reset Bomb PodForces of Nature
36Forces of Nature GuardForces of Nature
37Lunar Sanctum Control CenterForces of Nature
38ArlonForces of Nature
39PhosphoraForces of Nature
41Aurum CoreAurum
42Aurum BattleshipAurum
43Aurum CruiserAurum
44Aurum DestroyerAurum
45Aurum Aircraft CarrierAurum
46Aurum GeneratorAurum
47Aurum BrainAurum
48Aurum PyrrhonAurum
49Ring of ChaosChaos
52Pit's BodyPalutena's Army
53Lightning ChariotVehicle
54Chariot MasterUnaffiliated
55Chaos KinChaos
56Chaos Kin and PalutenaChaos
57Petrified PalutenaPalutena's Army
58Electro TrapForces of Nature
59Chaos Kin (Ash)Chaos
60Soul-Eating MonsterUnaffiliated
61Amazon PandoraUnderworld Army
62Hades's HeartUnderworld Army
65Great Sacred TreasureWeaponWings
66Hades (Battle)Underworld Army
67Great Sacred Treasure (Pursuit)WeaponWings
68Great Sacred Treasure (Mech Armor)WeaponWings
69Hades (New Legs)Underworld Army
70Great Sacred Treasure (Ultralight)WeaponWings
71Medusa vs. HadesUnderworld Army
72Hades (Final)Underworld Army
73Final StrikeWeaponWings
74Exo TankVehicle
75Aether RingVehicle
78Light FighterUnaffiliated
79Dark FighterUnaffiliated
80First BladeWeaponBlades
81Burst BladeWeaponBlades
82Viper BladeWeaponBlades
83Crusader BladeWeaponBlades
84Royal BladeWeaponBlades
85Optical BladeWeaponBlades
86Samurai BladeWeaponBlades
87Bullet BladeWeaponBlades
88Aquarius BladeWeaponBlades
89Aurum BladeWeaponBlades
90Palutena BladeWeaponBlades
91Gaol BladeWeaponBlades
92Insight StaffWeaponStaves
93Orb StaffWeaponStaves
94Rose StaffWeaponStaves
95Knuckle StaffWeaponStaves
96Ancient StaffWeaponStaves
97Lancer StaffWeaponStaves
98Flintlock StaffWeaponStaves
99Somewhat StaffWeaponStaves
100Scorpio StaffWeaponStaves
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